counseling for life in the van of a Brazilian foreigner

Hello beautiful people, my name is Tasso, I’m from Brazil.
I would like some help if you can help me with all your heart…
I am planning to go to UK with my wife to buy a van and build a house in it and travel the Europe and the world…

I have some doubts…

What documents do I need to do the transformation in the van? Do you need anything specific from the traffic department?

And about the visa, I will go with the tourist visa… can I stay 6 months in England and then another 6 months in countries of the European Union? Without being out of status?

When you are going to build, where do you rent a house with a cheap garage only during the construction?

In relation to the transit questions, do you have any contact information for someone who works in the transit area so I can ask more questions?

I’m going to the UK because I found the cheapest used vans?

We work remotely in our jobs… so we can do it

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Hi @mendes_aquino and welcome!

I am a UK resident, and while I am not an expert on any of the subjects you are bringing up I will try and point you in the right direction from my experience.

You do not need anything from the DVLA (UK traffic department) to convert a van here in the UK although it may in some instances be better to re-register a converted van as a motorhome for insurance purposes. That said, the company I am insured with (Adrian Flux) are happy to insure my van and I still have not re-registered as a motorhome with DVLA.

The following blog article may give some useful for information on purchasing a van in the UK.

I cannot comment in regard to Brasil nationals entering the EEA, but below is some insight from the UK government website for entry rules to the UK.

This site may be useful.

I hope this helps.

All the best.