counseling for life in the van of a Brazilian foreigner

Hello beautiful people, my name is Tasso, I’m from Brazil.
I would like some help if you can help me with all your heart…
I am planning to go to UK with my wife to buy a van and build a house in it and travel the Europe and the world…

I have some doubts…

What documents do I need to do the transformation in the van? Do you need anything specific from the traffic department?

And about the visa, I will go with the tourist visa… can I stay 6 months in England and then another 6 months in countries of the European Union? Without being out of status?

When you are going to build, where do you rent a house with a cheap garage only during the construction?

In relation to the transit questions, do you have any contact information for someone who works in the transit area so I can ask more questions?

I’m going to the UK because I found the cheapest used vans?

We work remotely in our jobs… so we can do it