Could someone check if my electric scheme is fine?


Can someone check this out and give me feedback on whats wrong or changes i have to make? thanks in advance, looking forward to the build!

Greetings Lau from Belgium


Greetings & Welcome!

Your link isn’t working for me.


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Hi, i updated it :slight_smile: thanks for telling me



Looks pretty good, but I’d add a circuit breaker between the solar panels and the charge controller, and another between the charge controller and the house battery.

As a personal preference, I prefer circuit breakers for everything instead of fuses. That way you don’t have to hunt for or fumble with fuses at an inconvenient time.


"The grass is always greener... Until you get there..." ~ Happy Camper


The wires from the battery to the solar charge controller and the battery charger have no fuse. I use fuses in my fuse box to connect those items to the battery. Otherwise a short to ground on those wires could spark a fire.

What’s the box between the inverter and the outlet? The text is unreadable on my phone.


Hard to read the drawing. But you do need a fuse for the inverter and a fuse for the charge controller. They will be different fuses as the cables are likely different sizes. You would be well served using a bus bar to connect different cables to the battery. Blue Sea makes quality.
I use these;…n-16_Studs
In a combination with these fuses;…ttery-fuse
Rule: fuses protect wires.


You mean i should use a bus bar to connect one cable from the battery posetive side and then split it to go to the VSR and Inverter and fusebox?
I actually already bought a busbar from China :stuck_out_tongue: do you think the quality is worse? and possible dangerous?
thx for advise!
Fuse holders:
Bus bar:


Sorry for the late reply,

Only you can judge the quality of something I have not seen. But in general, most boat, RV, and vehicle fires start with an electrical problem. But I use these for the battery connections. ie; battery to bus, fuse, to inverter. If the distance is long between battery and bus, a fuse may be needed.…n-16_Studs


Could you check my updated scheme? also which size should my fuses be between the solar controller, inverter, battery charger?
How do i calculate this?
Thank you in advance!

grtz Lau