Coronavirus wuhan flu spreading- take good care of yourself!

take good care of yourself.
this is what I like about the vanlife… far away from crowd, far from noises and most worries. :slight_smile:

meanwhile, heard from a friend that the virus is quite global now, with USA having 2 cases and europe too? its no longer just an Asian thing.

drinks lots of water, have great fruits and vegetables. and don’t worry too much too. I am sure the medical authorities and technology will stop the virus eventually!
Have a great week!

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Exactly! Would be good if you also stay away from cities with cases of this virus and don’t cross or go road trip there. Health first guys!

I don’t think we should call it an Asian or even Chinese thing. Entire world should try their best to make vaccine. Wash hands twice, low contraction and better to use mask and gloves.