Cooling Off In HIgh Humidity

Down here in Texas, it will be warming up by March. Despite Snow forcasted for Monday, It can be 80* the following day! Ive woken up to 72* weather and by noon it is 21*!!! No joke!
So, back to cooling down.
I had a thought. Something I saw, possibly here on this sight.
Can I use a dehumidifier so that my evaporative cooler cools??
Its Texas. Its humid. It doesnt work on its own.


An indirect evaporative cooler will work, or instead of using evaporation you could cool the water you’re circulating through the radiator with a peltier chip.

An indirect swamp cooler will use under 2 amps @ 12vdc, the peltier cooler will use about 5 amps @ 12vdc.

I grew up in the hot & humid swamps of the South and spent many summers since in that climate as well. Our swamp coolers (indirect) were our salvation. For the last 2 years, I’ve been using a Peltier Heat Pump, which is better at cooling than at heating. Either type can offer 40°F-50°F worth of cooling.

My heat pump came from the Quartzsite RV show, which will be JANUARY 20th-28th, 2024 this year. They may also have them at RV shows closer to you.


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