Cooking area in rear of small van

Hey everyone, I’m converting my first van ('93 Toyota Hiace) and am looking for some advice on constructing the kitchen area. I’m considering a wooden construction in the rear of the van. It would have two main box-like compartments, about 15x17x19", a simple one holding a drawer refrigerator, and a more complex one with slide-out stove, small counter top and drawer. What type and thickness of board would you choose for the boxes to hold all of this? I see a lot of 3/4" for use around the house, but am wondering if I should go thinner (less weight) or thicker (more bumpiness) for a van. Any help much appreciated!

We used 1/2 inch for all of our drawers and they are plenty strong enough. For the actual walls we used 3/4 inch for structure, but if you framed that part out you could also use something lighter.

For the stove that slides out. A camp stove will work just fine. Just put it in another drawer.