Conformable bath tub?

Some of us have skin that is healthier if we soak a long time than if we shower.

At many retail sites (e.g., Walmart) you can find many inflatable barrel style bath tubs and folding bath tubs, by searching for “inflatable tub” or “folding tub” or “spa” or “sit bath”. Basically they are updated versions of the barrel bath tubs that were used in colonial days. The smallest adult-size ones are about 70 cm high x 70 cm diameter. Adults kneel or sit inside.

(I’m not sure I need this, but on the deluxe side, some have lids, that help keep the heat in. Some have heaters, though they require a lot of electricity. Some pumps to create a whirlpool effect are available.)

Regardless 70x70 cm is a lot of water - around 70 gallons.

Is there such a thing as a conformable tub? Something like a sturdy waterproof bag like structure, with a standing frame, that conforms to the body, so you can use much less water?

If no, are there any really sturdy waterproof bags that could be easily adapted to the purpose?

If the answer is no, are any of the standing cylindrical ones reasonably sturdy? I’ve seen a lot of online ratings that say at least some of them can break or leak.



I use an inflatable boat for a boat/bathtub/jacuzzi, and sometimes upside down as an outdoor air mattress. For the first 3, I only use it near a water source. I have a water heater that is designed to work with campfires or oon a stovetop, that I use to heat the water. For a jacuzzi effect, I have this little USB agitator thing meant for washing clothes in a bucket. It’ll really stir up the water.

I love sitting by some remote stream star gazing in a hot tub/jacuzzi.


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/urlI love my free-standing jacuzzi tub. Nice soak after infrared sauna. Not enough ‘me’ days.

Fwiw, I saw a friend hi-end Reno, without any tub in the master and it looked odd to me. Why not get a soaking and jacuzzi tub combo? We shopped at Costco
We really wanted a bathtub but were not willing to spend thousands of dollars on one. This one is very easy to set up, take down, clean, and maintain. Very comfortably fits

Sounds wonderful. Could you give me a link to an example?

some of the time to psy turvy as an open air pneumatic bed. For the initial 3, I just use it close to a water source. I have a water warmer that is intended to work with pit fires or oon a burner, that I use to warm the water. For a jacuzzi impact, I have this little USB fomenter thing implied for washing garments in a pail. It’ll truly work up the water.