Coming up to six months since I went full-time vanlife

I am so excited that I am coming up to my six-month anniversary since I sold my condo of 20 years and purchased a new van to go full-time in the RV world #vanlifesummit

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How’s it going? What are 3 challenges you didn’t expect that you came across?

My number one challenge so far is my eating habits. When I lived in a condo for 20 years, I was a three square meals a-day person, but I have not gotten into that habit yet. I eat whatever I want throughout the day. I need to get better at eating well. My second challenge is keeping up with the little things that break down in the van. I am not good at fixing things; however, I also have the same issue in my condo. The third challenge can be lonely; however, I have met some fantastic people throughout my travels. I am thinking soon of getting a dog.


For some reason I’ve almost always been a muncher, not a lot, just a taste of this, that, or the other thing. Never enough to gain weight, but enough that I occasionally skip meals if I’m just not hungry. I tend to do a lot of fruits & veggies for my munchies, so not too terribly unhealthy. Of course I like chips, crackers, & cookies too on occasion.

I’m pretty good at fixing stuff, and the more complicated it is, the better I like it. (Brain wise, not physical difficulty wise. :slight_smile: ) It keeps my brain busy, and gives me something to do. For my own stuff though, I question myself as to whether I use it enough to bother, or should I just toss it.

I’ve never really been lonely, but I’m mostly a city dweller & tend to stay in the same place for weeks or even months. I get to know the neighbors, and they get to know me, and I try to be a good neighbor. Even though I don’t have any pets of my own, I keep doggie & kitty treats for my furry friends in the neighborhood. Always a great way to get in good with the neighbors, if their pets like you, they usually will too.

Many people travel with pets, and maybe that helps with loneliness. Besides getting to know my neighbors, I like flea markets, swap meets, thrift stores, camping type gatherings, and carnivals/fairs. These always put me around like minded people.

Now, we’re a family of three, two different neighbor ladies, from across the country from each other have joined me in my travels. They have been spoiling me rotten, and I’ve been enjoying every second of it.

Throughout the years, I’ve had many traveling partners. People who just ask “Gee, can I go too?”. I had a few bad encounters, but most were good. Some for days or weeks, some for months and a couple for years. So we don’t have to be alone unless we choose to be. A lot of people dream about traveling & camping, and are happy to jump onboard if you let them.


"A cheap factory camper van or motorhome beats
an expensive project every time." ~ Truth_Matters!

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