Combating Loneliness?

I have only been solo camping weekends - I’m a bit scared of the overwhelming feeling of loneliness and dreading the abyss of longterm solo car camping.
How do you guys get thru this…TIA

Same way you do in a home. I find, covid withstanding, that I see/saw friends more often because I was never tired from commuting or planning times to leave to get back to my bed. It’s always with me.

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Greetings & Welcome!

I am mostly a city camper, even though I travel. I don’t try to be stealthy, my neighbors get to know me by name, and we’re friends, so I’m never lonely. If camping outside the city, I only do it with friends these days, so again, no loneliness. So I have friends all over the country.

Supposed “stealth camping” and trying to hide didn’t work for me. Being a good neighbor who is honest & friendly is what works for me, and it’s not unusual for me to stay in the same neighborhoods for months, and my neighbors and I look out for each other, just the same as if I was living in a normal house.

Life is what we choose to make it, and living as a nomad doesn’t change that.


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Get a dog, or a cat, or a pig. I have the opposite issue, two dogs, one wife and only 72 square feet of space. Some alone time would be great.

I think you’ll find once you start traveling that you’ll meet people. Also, try sites like meetup and start rock climbing or canyoneering or hiking. Things are still happening out there even during covid and these activities are outside, keep you active and keep you healthy. There are lots of classes and meetups for beginners too.



I don’t want to keep posting this link all over the place, but I also was a bit worried about being a solo traveler that would eventually feel really isolated.

In this post (linked below) I shared a link to a website that helps travelers find “hosts”, a lot of which aren’t specifically vanlife friendly, but if you search stuff like “homesteading” and all that you can find communities looking for “part time helpers” essentially.

For me, finding a website like that was less about a place to stay, and more about finding like minded people that I could interact with on a deeper level when I felt the need. In my experience, nothing helps you connect with someone like a good ol’ fashioned day of hard work.

But check it out, it might be an option for you if you start to feel lonely and need some interaction. :blush:

Work Away Opportunities / Free Parking + Meals


Oh my god, a pig! I would love a pig… :laughing:



Nothing wrong with posting the same link in multiple threads when it’s appropriate… One thing people hate is to get told to do a search or some such. Everybody here is really good, and really helpful, unlike many of the other forums.


"The less you have that CAN go wrong, the less you have that WILL go wrong!" ~Murphy

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As a solo-traveler, I couldn’t agree more. Hans (my dog) helps me to deal with anxiety issues and I don’t feel alone when I’m with him. Of course, travelling with a pet is a great responsibility, and I won’t say it would be easy. It might not be the best option for you, but still consider this.

I’m curious though. Why have you decided to do it solo, Jocelyn? Maybe you should try camping with your friends at first?

Jocelyn, Some people are more comfortable with others around. Some prefer being alone. For your situation, it does seem prudent to have others around you for the safety in numbers cliché and also for your own peace of mind. Dip your toe into the water and ease yourself in. No one has been in your moccasins but you so what you need/want is unique. Put yourself in positions that you can comfortably succeed. I’m pretty new around here; but, it does certainly seem like very helpful people congregate here. Maybe you could do a simple, easy solo journey to build your confidence. But no matter what, if that still small voice is telling you something… LISTEN!

When you camp in the city where do you tend to park? I have a bus and I live in LA and I’m panicking because I have no idea where to park it :see_no_evil: There are only 3 rv parks here that ive seen on the maps and they’re way too expensive :frowning:


If you google:
Under “People also ask:” there is a wealth of information.

This link seems to have selections:,-118.2588196,10z

Some city/county/state parks have free or low cost camping. Some mobile home parks also allow RV’s.

Churches with permission are usually good. Outer edges of big box stores or malls. Truck stops. Industrial/warehouse areas. Casinos. Out of business stores or malls parking lots. LA laws say you can park on the street at least 500 feet from schools, parks, etc. Just don’t park in front of someone’s house, and don’t block the view from side streets to see approaching traffic. Freeway siding roads are sometimes popular.


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