Colorado Van Life - Wintering? Community Connections?

Introduce Yourself… I’m Jen, in Colorado buying a Dodge Sprinter van today! I’m new to van life but have been living nomadically since the spring. I’m torn between living in the Taos Valley area in New Mexico and anywhere from the Central Rockies (Glenwood Springs/Carbondale region) to Boulder, or other great places I have yet to see in Colorado.

I have questions and concerns about living in a van through Colorado winters. Though I grew up in the snow capital of the US in the UP of Michigan, I’m not sure about winter driving here (traffic’s wild in Colorado, and I’m adjusting to those mountain passes!), places to park in the winter, etc.

If anyone has feedback or experience, tips, I’d love to know. I’ll be semi-nomadic, since I’m in the wedding industry and will be advertising on pro sites by region (hence needing to pick somewhat of a “home base”). Many thanks in advance!

Greetings & Welcome!

Practice will get you in the swing for driving in the area.

Make sure you have a good heater.


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Hey, thanks so much for the welcome! I’m finding that I’m definitely acclimating to the driving (though I’m not driving the van yet - just my car, a good way to start!). For heat, the van has a Propex heater and the previous owners only had good things to say about it. Heat, layers, winter sports - I think I’d be good! Thanks very much for the tips!

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