Closing in on my first trip with the van!


Hi guys, stoked to be part of this community! My name is Jonatan and a few months ago I bought myself a van, his name is Folke (the Volkswagen), he’s a VW Caravelle from 01, runs on diesel, and he’s the new love of my life! I’ve spent the better part of this spring converting him, and in one week I’m off, 3,5 weeks in Europe during my vacation! Adding my planned route, please let me know if you have any input, do’s and don’t, super awesome places to stay for a night, really bad places to stay, etc. The route is of course not set in stone, only some of the milestones.


Welcome, glad to have you here! Would love to see some pics of your rig!


maybe consider extending your trip to ‘cinque terre’ in Italy, ver nice spot, much nature, quite some parkingspots for vanlivers with wide beautiful views

great for hiking, climbing,… you can also surf at some spots :facepunch: :slight_smile:


Thanks! Will definitely drop some pics, even though it is a simple build! Got some work to do tomorrow, after that I will for sure share some pics!


Great idea man, will try to go there! Has everything I’m looking for, and looks really amazing. Feel free to share more tips, I appreciate all the help I can get!


Never knew it was possible to set multiple destinations on Google Maps, seems super useful.

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:


If you pass by Venice the best thing to do is park up near ‘Mestre’ station, then take the train from there to Venice, way cheaper dan finding a parkingspot in Venice itself.

Venice Tip, go early before all the tourists. We are not the 'city" type of person, we only stayed a from ±7:30 till 14h, just to get a feel of the city, do a walk in the citycentre and park, an move on.

The River ‘Piave’ has some great spots for the night !
We slept at this spot:


If you could, I would like to know how you plotted your map! I think it would be so much easier to get to my destination’s if they were already set up. I’ve had to double back a few times because I passed my exit only to look on my note pad and realize I passed a location I wanted to go and see. Thanks in advance. I will also be watching for your photos. Happy travels!


Yeah sure, the plotting is easily done in google maps! Easiest is to do it on a laptop, so just browse to, and enter your first destination (or any destination on your trip). You can then choose to get directions. Enter your starting point, and you get a direction to that place. Now there should be an option to add another direction. Click the plus sign, enter another of your locations, and then just repeat for all your stops! You can always drag them around in different order as you go along.

When it comes to photos, I hope I will get time to add a few from the trip later on. Here’s one that I really like though!

Hope I will get time to add more later on, otherwise there are some on instagram, jonatanerdal, however since I’m only new to this and only live in the van during my summer vacation, it might not be a very interesting instagram the rest of the year… :wink:


Thanks for the tutorial, I wrote earlier down and put it with my laptop. I will be using that system quite a bit. And thanks again for the extra add on part. That is going to come in handy as you’re going to find out, once you start traveling more your going to meet people in the areas you visit and they will tell you about places on your way.
That’s where the addition’s will be great! Let me know if you need any help in your build that’s something I can do to help in return.
Happy travels!