Civic SEDAN Living

Introduce Yourself…

Hi im Christina. I’ve wanted to do this for a few years now, and the opportunity cant be more apparent at this time. I need a community for support, ideas and hopefully to be able to give that back as I learn and grow in this experience.
I have a Honda Civic SEDAN…and have only found one girl online living in the civic sedan. And one guy in a civic coupe. They are amazing and awesome set-ups. I start conversion tomorrow.

I am a care giver working with people who have disabilities, and will keep my jobs, staying in my town. For now. Hoping to head towards AK , Washington or Oregon for summer work. Then come back…maybe. lol. But I will see. Maybe I will hate this. Who knows.

Is it ok for me to be apart of this community using a car, rather than van?? If so, sorry. I’ll find another one. Thanks!

Greetings & Welcome!

We’re pretty open to everybody, even the curious & dreamers.


"Tis the season... To make bank selling Christmas Trees!" ~Van_Dweller

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