Citroen Relay Swivel Seats UK

Hi all, just after any advice if anyone can help, looking at changing either just the double front seat or that and the driver’s seat for swivel seats in a Citroen Relay, extortionate seems an understatement for the prices that are being asked for used single seats, has anyone fitted any other seats to a Relay that hasn’t broke the bank? .
My thoughts are removing existing seat fix new swivel plate then see what reasonably priced seats are available even if they have to be retro fitted to the new swivel base, i understand there may be safety and insurance issues to take into account but just hoping someone may have come up with a more reasonably priced solution, thanks in advance :smiley:


Here in the USA, auto wrecking yards can be a wealth of reasonably cheap parts.

My seat swivels were from a different make & model, and I just adapted them to fit my original seats.


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