Choosing the right van

Hi All,

Planning on buying a van and converting it into a travelers van.
Trying to figure out which would be the best company/ model to convert. I want a van I can stand In (Im 6’2) and mainly fuel efficient. My budget is pretty minimal so it has to be an old model.

Thank you!!


I paid $750 for my 1973 high top Dodge camper van that had been stripped by the previous owner, then spent $200-$300 on re-inventing the interior. That was 11 years and 250k+ miles ago. It had 200k miles on it when I bought it, and it now has over 450k miles on it and other than normal maintenance it has been 100% reliable, comfortable, and trouble free.

It has pre-computerized 3188 engine with a 727 automatic transmission. It gets 15-16 mpg in town, and a solid 18 mpg on the highway.

I did a low tech/no tech but full featured and self contained conversion including a toilet & shower, kitchen, comfy futon sofa/bed, swivel recliner, and of course heating, cooling, and power. I’ve lived comfortably through winters as cold as -60°F and both very hot & dry and hot & humid summers. Swamp coolers work great for cooling, you want the indirect type, and they also use very little power. For heating and cooking I use wick type kerosene (multi-fuel) appliances. No propane on board.

I’ve lived in many vehicles since I started in 1973, and with a single exception never paid more than $2500 for any of them. Normally buying an old motorhome is cheaper than converting a van, and move in ready.

Forget the expensive stuff like insulation, solar panels, roof vents, and 12v compressor fridges. An under $20 fan in an open window gives much better ventilation than a $250+ roof vent. Shade works better than any amount of insulation, and the necessary ventilation defeats any insulation any way. I get nearly new deep cycle batteries from junk yards for under $20 each, and they usually last 5-7 years. I charge them while driving, or with a $99 generator combined with a $29 battery charger on the rare occasion that just driving isn’t enough. I use a cheap ice chest with 99¢ big blocks of ice that typically last over a week, no more broken expensive fridges for me.

Vehicles from the 70’s and 80’s are both cheap and reliable. I’ve had the best luck with Dodge’s.

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