Choosing the correct van is a very personal choice


Choosing the correct van is a very personal choice. I know for one I like to have a small van that is able to drive and park in towns without a hassle. My Toyota Hiace LWB is perfect for this. Having a smaller van means I need to cook outside. For this I like that the Hiace has a back door that opens up ways which then provide a roof type cover for my roll out kitchen in the back. :+1::ok_hand:

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Indeed. My wife has a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee crd. No def, fairly simple pollution control. I wanted a crd sprinter and found a used 2008 cargo van. Turns out the cargo van was the right choice for me (even though it was not a choice per se). What I discovered as I plan my build is the lack of windows liberates your design. My build is not determined by windows, instead my windows will be part of my design


Got any pics of your design? interested in seeing how you set it up !


Sorry. Only In my head


All great ideas start in your head :blush:

Gooluck with everything!


My partner and I live in a Honda Odyssey and we still cook on the inside. Just have to keep the doors open. We’ve also considered putting a fan in it so that we wouldn’t necessarily have to keep the doors open, but so far it’s worked fine. And we keep a Carbon Monoxide sensor in the van to make sure there’s no buildup of propane.