Chinese Diesel Heater Install Question


I am in the midst of doing all my electrical set up in my van and am running into some confusion with my Chinese diesel heater installation. I’ve figured out most of it but the manual indicates that the fuel pump is supposed to be mounted at a 15 degree angle and below the heater. I’ve watched many videos where the heater is mounted on the floor with the pump level with it also on the floor to it seems fine to do that.

Can anyone offer insight into what will work?

** heater will have its own small diesel tank also mounted near the heater.

I don’t have a “ Chinese” diesel heater but that would be to be insure pure fuel flowing into the fuel pump for consistent combustion.

I also do not have one of these, but chances are you’ll never have your van perfectly level when sitting so it’ll likely never be at 15º. I really don’t see why this would matter unless it’s something specific to the pump. For my heater it sits level.

You’ll also probably want to put a dampener between the fuel pump whatever it get’s bolted too. Preferably outside of the van. The fuel pumps are mechanical (at least on mine) and will make a constant knocking sound when pumping. If that is attached to metal it will carry the sound and amplify it.