Chicagoan’s first build

Hi, thanks for having me on the boards! My name is Slavi, I live in Chicago. Recently quit my job to start a roofing business but I didn’t plan properly in order to be licensed this season, so I’m doing odd things for friends while trying to find clients that don’t care about licenses, however this can’t last much longer.

I am presently working on a project upgrading a very basic build (no water, cooking etc.) for a friend of a friend and I find myself having tons of fun. i’ve became interested in possibly making a business out of this and was wondering if anyone on here cares to share any insights into how I might go about doing that.

Also I am hoping this will be a good place to post some pictures of what we end up making and get some praise or criticism from people in the know. Looking forward to scouring your posts for helpful info.

Cheers, Slavi


Greetings & Welcome!

Looking forward to some pics!


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Sorry, work has been sporadic and I forgot to take pix. Lots of trips to stores. Ended up making this bed/couch thing thus far. Only got this one picture from a couple of days ago, I was trying to reuse as much of the lumber I could from the old one but ended up having to buy all new wood and remaking it. Used to be one of those box pullout things with no backrest.

250lb per pair locking industrial slides from amazon - has a little give, we may add a folding leg. The backrest also swings forward to allow access to storage compartments from above. It’s rough work, but we cut some of the edges of the frame that will be exposed with a round over bit after assembly.

We have since wrapped the two box ends with plywood and left the long side open. Made two drawer trays for back area and the front will house 2 batteries, inverter etc.

There is also an additional storage bin being worked on with a pole that will have instrument cases strapped to it and I need to figure out how to raise a countertop without completely remaking the cabinet. Will take and post more pix before we get going on Wednesday.

Thanks for checking in!


Looks like things are coming along! I agree with some legs, I don’t like trusting slides with a lot of weight.

You can cut a counter top an inch or two from the back side and add hinges…

Good luck & keep us posted!


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller