Chewie's first roadtrip with us


Hi everybody! New here and looking forward to read stories and see beautiful pictures. After doing some roadtrips in USA and Canada we decided to buy an RV. So now we are the proud owners of Chewie, a 47 year old Mercedes 608d. Overhauling with a touch of psychodelic 70s. First Roadtrip starts soon in our own small but beautiful country, the Netherlands. Have fun!


Meet Chewie


Chewie is looking :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

What made you guys come up with the name ‘Chewie’?
would love to hear the back story if there is one


Thanks! Yes, we named him after Chewbacca. A Starwars figure 200+ years old. His nickname is Chewie. Chewbacca is very strong, very loyal and gentle. He speaks a language which sounds like growl. So our rv is quite old, has been very loyal and growls too (old diesel engine). Both from the 70s so, suits the car I think.


Love this interior! :peace_symbol:


Ahh I see. So Chewie is the perfect fit.


I just have to say, you’re welcome in Portugal :wink: