Check this out!

Check this out and tell me if you think he’s asking too much. Please. :slight_smile:


I’d say about half that price would be fair. I actually kind of like the layout, but the fact they gutted it greatly diminishes it’s value and speaks poorly for the builder. I think it’s a flipper… Probably paid $750 for that van and put $1k into it and looking for a sucker.

This one: is $2k cheaper, and 50k miles less, and a 6 cylinder. Keeping the floor/walls/ceiling intact, the rest of the interior of the other one could be built for a few hundred. It has new 10 ply tires on it too, and the rear heat/AC is also intact, a huge plus.

This one: is a bit older, but also cheaper. You could take out the captains chair behind the driver, add plastic drawers with a wood top in it’s place for a kitchen and storage, add a portable toilet & shower and be road ready in an afternoon and have saved thousands.

If it was me, I’d be checking out this: The interior looks pretty decent to me, and a whole new drivetrain would be cheap. Seal the leaks if it has some, and any hidden mold/mildew can be permanently killed off and odor free within a couple of hours with an ozone generator. Full amenities, and will still fit in a normal parking place. I’d put a 318 engine in it for great gas mileage & power, and have one heck of a rig. (I owned an American Clipper once with a 318 engine that got 18 mpg. Great MH and great layout.)

Here’s a few more:

They’re bigger, but still good deals… Tow a run about and have a luxurious home on wheels.


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I like the one in the original post. The mileage seems a bit high, but if it was well taken care of it should last. I like the simple conversion. I have a 2000 E350 with 110K miles which runs well.

Have a mechanic who specializes in these vans look at it. Transmissions can go at about that mileage, and if it has a gasoline engine spark plugs can break off in the head when trying to change them, and the variable valve timing can cause issues (usually caused by the cam chain guides). The earlier ones had spark plugs that can blow out of the head, but I think they fixed that by 2006.

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I love that Travco, before my Shuttle Bus that was what I intended to go after as one was going locally for a great price. But the day before I was ready to pull the trigger someone else got it. :sob:

Not that I’m not happy with how my Shuttle Bus is turning out now, but still, those Travco are awesome-sauce.


I had a Travco for about 6 months, and I liked it a lot. Paid $1500 for it, and when I got offered $10k for it I sold it. I sold it to a Texan who had lost his identical one in a flood. Made us both happy!


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