Chassis comparisons: Mercedes, Ford, or Ram

Requesting opinions on which chassis is best related to Mercedes, Ford, or Ram. Pros and Cons

If you are talking about the E-series or Econoline van chassis, it is probably the easiest to work on. When traveling across the country it would not be hard finding a mechanic familiar with that setup. Parts are plentiful and cheap in comparison to the Dodge Sprinter or Mercedes. The Ford Transit van is a hole other story. I would say finding a mechanic with expertise with the Mercedes would be slightly more difficult. They are proud of their parts so they are most likely to be more expensive. Parts sources are likely to be a little limited. As far as reliability is concerned, I don’t know, but the Ford setup is well proven.

Anyone knows the chassis pro & con of the old 1980s Mercedes cars? Thought of getting one of those, put repairing is some of the cases I haven’t considered yet.

Greetings! :minibus:

Shanti-Alena :hibiscus::raising_hand_woman:t2: