Charlie & Melanie Laymen Vanners

Hi, we’re Charlie & Melanie, we have a Mercedes sprinter we are converting into a half camper! Being travelling salespersons prior to recent events, we will still be keeping half our van for the stock when we one day can venture back out, so any advice for us newbies would be wonderful!

Greetings & Welcome!

Sounds like a plan, keep us posted!


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That sounds like a case of extended cabin to me. Pretty common around here, for example those who race motorcycles, bicycles or have similar job description as you. Basically a toy hauler in a van.

This is just an example (I tried to find one with best pictures).

There is (in this case expandable) bed behind/over the rear seats. Usually it is fixed.
Some build a door to the rear space, or utilize it even further like this one:

There is a loop hole in our law, a van with more than one row of seats is a passenger vehicle and subject to higher tax. Install a bed, storage and cooktop of sorts it becomes a daycamper with less taxes but with additional seating (only needs to sleep two people to register as rv).

Obviously nothing like that exists from the factory so they are all custom made, usually by same outfitters who build ambulances or other specialty vehicles.

Since you don’t probably need that many seats, you can have a sofa and decent galley instead. Or whatever else you want :slight_smile: