Cat toilet- ideas?


So I have a cat and I’m planning on moving into a van within the next several months. I currently live in an RV and my cat uses the toilet.

So being in a van I was considering different portable toilets, perhaps a small black tank (which I’d like to avoid) or anything that isn’t litter.
Does anyone have experience here? With a 99% indoor cat (he hates outside).
Or any ideas on how to make this as efficient and smell free as possible?
As well as clean up routines like where to dump or how easy cleaning those portable toilets are.


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Are you planning on sharing the toilet with the cat, or do you want a separate one for the kitty?

Ahh, yes. I just want one toilet. I don’t plan on using it as much, mostly just for emergencies.

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There are small little portable toilets i’ve seen a lot of vanlifers use, have you considered thoose yet?

I have, just not having any experience with them, knowing how or where to dump them out and how bad the smell is. I was hoping someone had some suggestions in terms of all the afore mentioned details.

There is one that’s about $120 that has a floor attachment that it clips to so it secures to the floor. But I’m worried about dumping logistics.

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I’ve seen quite a few posts about composting toilets! They’re a bit pricey, but they don’t use water and all you need to buy for them is peat moss. You can find reasonably inexpensive ones on Amazon for around $300 CAD.

They are also quite easy to dump, and don’t require much “extra” cleaning. Youtube some videos of the dumping process if you can :slight_smile:

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