Carseat in a converted van?

Hi All!

I’m thinking about getting a Sprinter/Transit/Ram van and converting it for travel while I work (I spend a lot of nights on the road) and for family adventures. We have a new baby, and would need to put a carseat into it.

Does anyone on here have a row of backseats in their van? Has anyone used a carseat in their van? Any recommendations on make/model/body style that might accommodate a carseat the most easily?

Thanks for any help!

Hello, welcome and congratulations on the new baby!

I don’t have any children so take my information as that - information, not personal experience as anything but the world’s best babysitter!

How many people are in your family that will be riding in the van? There are a lot of van life families (with infants and toddlers) on YouTube. I think that would be your best resource, especially visually. And you can ask the very people whose videos and set up you like the most.

European vans commonly have a full bench in the front seat, so if you can find a van with that option, my opinion is that that would be ideal. Behind the front seat, it’s not uncommon to find another bench seat or even a single or double seat/bench. To find out if those are even options, your best bet is likely with contacting Sprinter/Transit/ProMaster dealerships. That way, you can still buy a used one from a private owner, knowing that the option is at least available.

Again, welcome! It’s great to have you here! Feel free to look around and ask any and all questions that you have!


I’d probably go with a conversion van, they usually have a full length sofa/bed across the back, then take out the seat behind the drivers seat and replace it with plastic drawers with a board on top to make a kitchen counter with storage. Put a portable toilet beside it, and you’re good to go. Put the car seat in the back seat behind the swivel passenger seat.


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