Carrying a firearm or personal protection

When it comes to defending yourself in your “home” is there any special treatment of a camper van or RV?

I think it varies state to state and city to city, so check the local laws. Typically the Castle Doctrine and self defense laws work when you’re camped, but as soon as you break camp you have to follow the laws regarding transport of firearms in a vehicle.


In some states, your vehicle is an extension of your home. It is part of the castle doctrine. State gun laws vary from state to state. Please check the laws before you travel to another state. You CAN end up in prison.
I always recommend people educate themselves about firearms. They are not for everyone. Don’t be afraid to go to a local gun class. There is a lecture class and a class that you use your firearm to qualify. Even if you only take the lecture class, it is very informative. They touch on laws in your state and other states. They also touch on what you may need to do in certain situations. They do not teach you how to use your firearm. Talk to a Gun Range for classes if you need to learn how to use one. If they don’t offer lessons, they may be able to refer you to a place that can.

Education is key!

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