Car Camping Newbie Spain

Hi Everybody I’m happy to have found this forum. I would like to connect with other people in Spain who are enjoying car camping. I and a total newbie to the world of car camping but am very excited to get started and to hopefully have some great adventures. I m going to start my journeys in my converted Land Rover Freelander but in time would love to upgrade to a van. We all gotta start somewhere right. Also I’m planning to travel with my 4 dogs (2 x German Shepherds and 2 Mini dogs) … I know this may sound like a nightmare, but i’m happy to live my life without boundaries and have a mentality that anything is possible. So thanks for accepting me here and I look forward to learning and sharing,. Best wishes C

Greetings & Welcome!

Sounds challenging but fun. Give the puppers a hug & kiss for me. :wink:

If things get tight, you can always add a tent to the mix. I carry a couple of free standing ex-up type awnings/tents with the windowed sidewalls, plus the screened sidewalls, plus a pop up toilet//shower tent. Between everything, it gives me lots of possibilities.


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Heyyy, thanks for taking a moment to reply ;: and some good tips also thanks a lot lets see how we get on.

Best wishes. C

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