Can't see Scott Adamson's and Shaiden Valentine's builds

Hi, I have a little question. Is it normal that I can see only the build overview from these 2 builds???


Actually, no - you should be able to see several segments walking through the build - at least as far as Shaiden’s go.(Frankly, his build videos are the best on the site - but even they are lacking the detail that is necessary to really build out a van.) I can’t see Adamson’s full build either.

The ProjectVanLife site has some issues. The links are not always correct. I keep getting sent back to the marketing page and being asked to purchase the course when I have had it for several months. In addition, when trying to look at the site on my iPhone, the website does not recognize that I have filled in a password - and I have. So no log-on possible on the mobile site.

And as long as I am complaining :face_with_hand_over_mouth:- the Find Your Van functionality was to have been completed months ago - and was one reason I purchased the course six months ago. As of today, the back-end database still has not been loaded making the whole application fairly useless. (This is one case where they sold something that was not complete and you didn’t know it until after the course was purchased - which seems a little dodgy.)

Frankly, weighing all the factors, the most useful part of the course has been the Forum where I have really picked up some good ideas from other builders. That said, Shaiden’s videos are very good as far as they go. Too many of the other tutorials are van tours where details are lacking.

Good luck…!

Hi Antonio -

Did they ever help you see the tutorials?