Can i place this kind of window in my VW crafter


I found this window online
It is quite big, you can open it and it is cheap.
But there is not a lot of info, i would like to place this myself.
Is this type of window easy installable?
I would appreciate any opinions.


Kind regards!

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Should be doable, does it come with the install kit? (Rubber gaskets, trim, etc.)


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I have no idea, the website gives very little information, i tried to contact them in hope to get some more info.
If the install kit is not included, which parts should i have to buy to complete the installation by myself?


At the very least you’ll need the gasket to seal it.

DIY gaskets can range from easy to impossible depending on the window frame design, and the vehicle itself. Most require an xx thick wall, which can be nearly any number. Creating the right depth of wall is important.


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