Can I cut slightly into a roof support beam?

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Hello, I’m Sherry. My hubs and I bought a Skymaxx Maxxair skylight for our 2017 Sprinter Van. The second bay on the ceiling nearest the cab is not quite wide enough for the 19.5” wide opening of the skylight. Is it okay to cut into the roof support beams?

Are you planning on cutting them all the way across?

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We actually only need to cut the lip of the metal beam off. (Width)

You probably can.
Especially if the roof is all metal and attached on those beams.
I just cut out two beams completely in the middle of my Mercedes 508D to make a high roof in the middle out of a fibreglass ski-box… I welded in new stabilizing beams, but if you are only taking off the ‘lips’ of the ‘hat profile’ it will probably be all good.

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Thank you so much for your reply. We went ahead with it, and it all turned out just fine. Got the skylight set in. I am so glad to hear that you were successful! We didn’t compromise the strength at all, it worked out. Wishing you the best!