Campsites on the Oregon Coast?

In late July/early August I’d like to spend a week or two on the Oregon Coast. Ideally I’d like to have a base camp where the van would stay put with some facilities like toilets etc. and not too far from town/groceries, and then take day trips on my motorcycle. Easy walking distance from the coast. I’d prefer a USFS or BLM campsite if possible, where the van would be somewhat secure while galavanting around on the bike.

Any ideas?

We haven’t stayed too many places on the coast that were free or that you didn’t need reservations for if I recall correctly, but we haven’t stayed on the coast that much. It’s cold and rocky if that’s your thing. It may be easier to stay in one of the national forests and just day trip the coast. Might be a better experience too honestly. We have been staying near Bend in the forest but took a two hour trip to the umpqua hot springs and stayed down there over the weekend. We paid $10 a night for that campground, but it was so worth it. Right on the creek beside a bunch of old growth trees. There is so much stuff to do on that side of the state. iOverlander or campendium could may an answer.

Thanks for the input Bretly. Will check out those campgrounds. I have a small dog and am looking forward to taking our twice-daily walks on a beach somewhere.

I lived on Ashland where I did my undergrad at SOU almost 20 years ago, so know the state, but don’t know much about the camping because I didn’t do much except in the Cascades. I’m not opposed to the $20 a night USFS campgrounds, but the State campgrounds seem to be charging California prices now. Too bad. One of the reasons I moved out of Oregon was that the cost of living was skyrocketing, mostly due to the influx of moneyed people moving in from the Bay Area.


This article coincides with my recollection of the best Oregon beaches.


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