Campsites for long term campers who also travel

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I just gave a response in which I mentioned the needs of long term campers, who view camping as a cheaper alternative to living in an apartment.

I’m wondering whether there are in fact campsites that accommodate long term campers who sometimes also take extended time trips away. Specifically, that they hold a spot open while you travel, are able to hold your mail for long time periods of time, they don’t require you to be present to do maintenance (like mowing your lawn), and make it possible for you to list your campsite as your legal address.

I know that there are campsites where you buy a spot, and own it long term. But what about the mail holding and not requiring you to be present?


All the ones I’ve heard of were too far away from civilization to be practical, wanted too much money, and offered no amenities, just a patch of dirt in the weeds, and in addition to rent expected labor on top.


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