Camping house in Sweden.Welcome to park your van for free!

I have a camping house, no electricity or running water yet.
So how to find a cheap simple electricity solution?
I am mostly dreaming about the possibility to have a fridge. Otherwise I am rather fine.

Was thinking about the electricity whole last summer, but no knowledgeable friends nearby and mostly people who probably think that I am crazy trying to save an 2,5 floors old timber house. I have loved it since I was a teenager.
It is a learn as you go house. It have taught me a lot of different things.

People who decide to stay a night or more supports in different ways. A win win so to speak. I have a couple of bedrooms indoors and lots of space outdoor.

So if anyone is travelling in Sweden during summer and want to explore the beginning of North of Sweden . Welcome !



Do you have a stream on the property? Micro-hydro is a really good way to do it. As a DIY project, it can be pretty cheap, and unlike solar it works 24/7.

Wind power is another possibility many off gridders use. Unlike hydro, it will likely also require a battery bank, but it is an option.

Many people will recommend solar I’m sure, but it’s a last choice for me even though I am a certified solar tech.

Generators are great for a backup plan, and a generator that uses a heat engine (external combustion engine, ie: a stirling engine & similar) can be run on solar, and have a much larger output than solar panels. They can also be run on fuel if needed.

Last but not least is what I’ve been calling a “black box” for the last several years. I just recieved one, and I guess the correct name is “Pico Hydro”. It is a self contained micro hydro system, using a water reservoir and a pump. I have been involved in building larger versions of these, using 8-12 foot water wheels, but these newer models are just the size of an ice chest.

Mine is generating 3600 watts, so basically the same as my gas generator. It is extremely quiet, and requires no fuel, just a battery to start the water pump, and then it is self running. It has 2 electrical outlets, 2 12v outlets, 2 USB outlets, and 2 of maybe a different type of USB outlets.

I am REALLY impressed with it so far, but I’ve only had it a couple of days. A friend has been using one for the last couple of years though, and loves his.

When I switch from my camper van to my bus this summer, I’m hoping this will power everything I need. Time will tell.


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Thanks for a lot of information.
It is a meadow behind my house and then it is a tiny stream. But it needs some support because it is overgrown and similar. I presume I will reach that part this summer.
I have a well, but most summers it is dry. So I presume water is out of reach still.
The big roof isn’t totally stable yet (no walking everywhere there), so sun panels could just be on the little toilet building beside.

Wind, I am not sure if there is enough wind.
So lot to think about. Thanks for the knowledge.


An 8 foot self contained water wheel for power, and rain water catchment for water.

That’s what many homesteaders in America do when normal utilities aren’t practical.


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