Campervan conversion and practicality for everyday life

  1. Hi all,

  2. I’m looking at converting a van to a camper van that I can take away for weekends and go on longer road trips during my breaks from university. I’m wondering whether you can get away with a Short wheel base or whether it is better to go for a long wheel base. The van will be my everyday vehicle that I drive so I’m also curious as to whether it is practical for every day life (going to shops, uni, etc) or if its a hassle due to the large size. I rent a small home currently so I would not be living in the van 24/7. I thought I’d ask the people who are already living the dream.

  3. Many thanks and kind regards to all.


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In the USA, I think the average parking spot is 20’-21’ in length. I’d suggest going as long as possible within that limit. A few extra feet can make a world of difference.


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