Camper/Sailboat living


Hi there,

July 1st starting to live out of my camper and going to buy a sailboat. Working 5 on 4 off with the ability to take plenty of time off. Job is in Vancouver and boat will be up the coast. Going to explore the land with the camper and the waters and the islands with the boat. Wish me luck.



Sounds like you’re going on an epic journey!
Are you doing it alone?

Goodluck :blush:


Nice. I’m on a 35’ Ericcson in the Bay Area. Let me know if you have questions.


Sounds awesome! My partner and I would love to explore on a boat one day!


Thanks! Yeah, alone but I have some friends and family around that I’ll drag along when I can.

Thanks, I’m sure I will have plenty.


Let us know about your experience.

Be sure to share some tips, or any other information you learn about while exploring.