Camper fire claims two lives


There seems to be a lot of camper fires lately, many deadly, that involve either solar panels, lithium batteries or both.

Without trying to be a downer, people who don’t know what they’re doing need to quit messing with this stuff. YOUR LIFE IS AT RISK!!! Two more people lost their lives today.

Late last year I advised a couple in a similar camper van that were headed for Oregon about the potential dangers of lithium batteries, after other people somewhere were encouraging them to buy them. I can only hope this wasn’t them.

I’ve said this before, but I think it’s worthy of repeating… Most promoters don’t care about you, your happiness, or your safety. All they care about is your money, and they’re hoping for a pay day. YOU need to keep yourself safe, and do your own independent research to discover all the potential hazards, dangers, or problems involved with any products, services, or suggestions. Don’t take some sales person’s word for ANYTHING! Your happiness, your finances, and possibly your life depend on you doing your due diligence yourself.


"Stay Safe Out There!!!" ~ Van_Dweller


Proper investigations must be done. Where are relevant authorities? They can put a ban on such lithium batteries if they are actually hazardous after overheating or internal cell failure etc. I think awareness is not enough. Legal actions are required.


Many things with lithium batteries are already banned on airlines because cell phones started catching fire or exploding.

Hoover boards and those electric scooters have also been burning houses down. The technology just isn’t there yet…


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That’s terrible, my prayers are with them and their families :pray: