Calculating BMS size

Hi there
Im building my own batter with 280ah chinese lifepo4 cells.
Like most people I’m choosing Daly BMS with low temp disconnect.
Whats the best method to calculate my BMS size required?
Any one got a link to a guide / walkthru?



No idea, but make sure you insulate the cells from one-another; don’t stack them together with only the thin plastic wrap insulating them from each-other. They could eventually chafe through and start a fire.

Interesting, I didn’t know building your own battery was an option. How much money would this save over buying a lithium battery?

It’s a thing, but you have to be careful. By weight, lithium batteries have more potential energy than TNT, but the energy is released in different ways.

After thinking about your original question, BMS size, one would think that it would be based on the maximum possible draw from the battery, and on the maximum charging rate. Once you have those numbers you should be able to select the right size BMS.

Was hoping for detailed help. I guess no one here builds batteries.

Sorry to disappoint you. If you mean detailed help in terms of buy this brand or that, or do this or that exact thing, not many people are going to do the work for you. You have to do the work yourself - learn something - become self-sufficient. Getting some education is liberating.

See original question. Nothing but educational request. No need to get bitchy.

I’ve posted a tutorial on how to install solar. In that tutorial are instructions on how to calculate your power needs. Size your battery and BMS to what you need.