Buzz from Alabama, USA - Purchasing our first Van

Hi, my name is Corey Stewart, but my friends call me Buzz. I live near Birmingham, Alabama, USA. I currently don’t have a van, but my best friend and I are looking to purchase and start building an adventure van.

Happy trails!

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Sounds awesome Buzz. Do you and your friend have any experience building a van or just go for it?

Did you guys decide what van you want to live in yet?

We don’t have any experience, just going for it.


We are thinking about a Westfalia, but it will be more of a vacation home rather than a permanent residence.

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Hey Buzz!

We’ve been living on the road with another couple and their Westfalia Hightop from Europe. They need to go back to Europe soon and they’re out of money to ship it back. Contact me if you’re still looking for one and if you’d be interested :slight_smile:

Feel free to also post it for sale on our marketplace