Buy already converted van in Europe

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Can anyone recommend the best places to look to buy a already converted van in Europe. We are Aussies so wont be able to convert one ourselves but would love to pick up a nice van to travel around in for a year or so. We want to buy not hire. Any info appreciated.

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Deb :):blush:

just take a look on ebay, it´s like gumtree.
But you definitely have to know something about cars.

Good luck!

Thanks Domi,
I will check it out. :blush:

Unsure if I’m too late on this post but I did my search on both Gumtree and Autotrader. I finally bought my pre-converted Transit on Gumtree but with any of these sites you take your chance of there being problems down the line.

I met a great couple selling their old conversion as they had upgraded. My main advice is to shop around for as long as possible and always inspect the vehicle.


Patience is key when looking for used vehicles, but buying new is no guarantee of problem free either. Quality control on new vehicles seems to be a thing of the past, and many new rigs wind up spending a considerable amount of time in the shop.

Inspections on used vehicles are always a good idea if you’re not qualified to do it yourself. In my experience, a well maintained older vehicle is much less likely to turn into a problem child.

With any camper, floor plans mean EVERYTHING. Floor plans mean the difference between comfortable and convenient, and uncomfortable and cramped. Windows greatly improve both your driving and camping experiences.

With patience, there are campers out there that are perfect for everybody, and in any budget range.


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