Building van safe for my kids

New here, from Florida. I recently picked up a Mercedes Sprinter van (former FedEx van.) Note, we are not going to live in it. Just for weekend trips with the boat (we can’t all fit in my pickup, so we have to take 2 vehicles when taking the boat out), week trips to Disney, and when I piss off the wife. We have three children (5, 2, and 1 month old) so we need seating where we can safely seat them in their car seats and booster seat while moving (locking seat belts) while comfortably sleeping us all. My boys, who are my oldest two can share a bed and my daughter can sleep with us if need be. Any ideas? Places to look? Pics of good layouts? Thanks

Edit: I also travel out of state for work a lot. My job only pays for my plane ticket and I hate flying so this will be easier to take the whole family. I’m an Ag tractor and bobcat mechanic and they send me to classes out of state constantly

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Hey @347ranger! I recommend looking at the build options that are offered by professional companies like Sportsmobile and Sprinters that are designed by Airstream. They are usually packed with laminate cabinetry and don’t have a ton of character style-wise BUT they often sell them as 4-seaters and since they have to follow all required safety laws as a large company, it could give you some ideas for layout! Happy vanning!


We are in Florida and are living van life with our 2 yr old full time. We hired an RV company in Deland Fl called Custom Coach Creations to do all of our rough-in work like electrical, plumbing, windows, flooring, vents and AC. They are very good at what they do!

We designed a loft for our daughter which is above our bed. I’ve seen many conversions with happy jack beds (for kids) that raise up when not in use with a stationary platform for the parents. We found our daughters seat with an integrated seatbelt at a you-pull yard that we had reupholstered. Definitely, recommend looking on IG for inspiration- that’s what we did and then created our layout after looking at hundreds of others. Good luck to you guys!