Building a life where I can support myself on the road

Hi, I’m GinnyAnn. I’m planning to go mobile in two years, so I’m building up some freelance work now to raise extra cash and make the transition easier. Looking for information on those who are able to stay within range of internet in the United States, tips on stealth parking and finding community in general. Planning on vanning, something tall (transit, promaster, or bubble top on a cargo van.) Thanks!

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Greetings & Welcome!

There’s no such thing as stealth, and more obvious campers & vans are often more welcome than cargo vans. People in cargo vans are viewed as homeless, criminals, or both. On the other hand, people in more obvious campers are viewed as tourists or visiting relatives, and not considered a threat to others.

There are many work from home jobs available, that work well with #Vanlife. There are also many more traditional jobs that involve travel. I worked as a traveling construction worker for many years, and my home on wheels was a huge blessing. As I am getting older, and my physical abilities are diminishing quickly, I have been switching to hands free or mostly hands free internet businesses. Today, I strongly urge others to get started on that path in their spare time, as soon as possible. It takes time, but you can create a large, long term sustainable incomeand it’s never too soon to create extra income streams.

In towns, free internet is available everywhere. Boondocking is a whole different story, and is likely to require a much more complicated and costly system. For most people, especially individuals, boondocking isn’t nearly as enjoyable or as safe as it is hyped up to be. With others, it can be very enjoyable, but sitting alone in the middle of nowhere isn’t very enjoyable for most people.


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For your internet connection, I don’t think it would really be a problem as long as you have 5g phone or smartphone and just use your data and connect it to your laptop. Just get a great plan with A&t or Verizon.

Internet is pretty easy. T-mobile right now is the only one with unlimited tethering and it costs extra (+$50) as far as I know. We just installed a booster and it makes a pretty big difference. If you don’t have a lot of zoom meetings and are not doing things that chew up bandwidth you will probably be ok. Any data plan will be affected by the FCC rules at 50gb and you can be throttled at 50gb when there is high congestion on the network. Things are getting easier than they became during lockdowns as starbucks/cafe’s are a feasible options for wifi again.

Thanks for your advice!

Thanks! I write on an online platform but probably will not need a lot of data for other things.

I appreciate your expertise!


Right now I have Verizon but will probably invest in a booster so I can keep on writing. I appreciate your expertise!