Build Ideas - Promaster 159X layout

So I spent today brainstorming some ideas on van layout and what I’ve seen in van tours online that has caught my eye and that I’ve liked. After a while building inside SketchUp and playing with the dimensions of a 2019 Promaster 159X that I measured this afternoon I finished up this idea and am curious about other peoples thoughts on the layout. I’m also curious what others might change in the layout and what people like.

Feel free to share your thoughts, I’m not an experienced builder, this will be my first van build and I’m sure there will be issues. Thanks for reading


I hope you’re not planning on a cargo van, too many people make that mistake and wind up losing a lot of money after they discover just how terrible of campers they actually make.

The other thing I don’t see is comfortable seating, or a table/desk. It’s not uncommon to get stuck inside for days, so want something that will be comfortable to be lived on for at least several days straight 24/7.


"Too hot? Seek shade, ventilation, and a 12v swamp cooler." ~ Happy Camper

Wife & I designed our 159RB similar to your design but with a full counter on driver side and both front seats swivel to a table. Luv the comfort and livability of our “Cargo van” !

That is similar to what I was thinking yeah, I also considered a smaller window on the driverside near the bed to allow airflow at night that is easily reachable from bed. My plan is to have both front seats swivel to open up that front area as a living area for myself and friends to spend time, and I considered trying to build a table of some kind into the space right behind them for a workstation since I’m a software developer and will need somewhere to sit and work during the morning hours. Whether that table is something I put into place or pop up from the counter space I haven’t decided.