Build design with kitchen at back

Been working on my design for a while and hope to start build by spring. Wondering if there are practical reasons why most builds put the bed/garage at back and kitchen at front/middle? Are there challenges or limitations to putting the kitchen at the back - either l-shaped or galley style and using the side door as the garage? My image of it is you can then extend the back to the outside creating a natural eating area. You could use an awning or screen tent, have a bbq space, or even build a folding metal deck off the back (like you see in some trailers/toy haulers).

Thanks in advance

It’s definitely possible…I fitted one of my vans with a rear kitchen.

Works best with a tailgate model and not so well with barn doors in my opinion.

All the best.

I would def be interested in seeing pictures of the lay-out of you have them.

I’m afraid that particular van was sold almost 30 years ago…and I didn’t get any photos of it…and it was before the days of reliable digital photos!


Rear kitchens are popular in mini vans, along with side door kitchens.

In either case, I always make them usable from both inside or outside, so if the weather is bad it’s usable from inside.


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