Bring van from non-eu to an eu country

Hi guys, I found a great van in Albania and I’m planning to buy it and register it in Germany or maybe Neitherlands (I have residency in both place)

Is there anyone here that have done similar operation?
Do you know where I can find the documents i need to register the van in my own country?

Exact rules differ in every country but in general you should have one paper labeled “Declaration of conformity” - it basically states that this particular vehicle with VIN Code xxx meets all the relevant standards. A car sold outside EU could be missing some safety features or emissions systems not required where it was originally used. Or it could be exactly same as sold in EU… that’s the paper is for.

If that paper is missing, you can usually buy one from the official importer/manufacturer/reseller in your own country.

I’ve imported one car myself (from germany to finland) and that Declaration of Conformity paper was included with the car, so I managed to import it with minimal issues.

Thank you for your answer @KLF !
I have read lots of stuff online but nobody mentioned that Declaration of conformity!!
Is maybe something I would get in Germany when the car get the TUV certification?
So far what I learn is that:

  • I have to pay duty tax of 10%
  • I have to pay value-added tax (Einfuhrumsatzsteuer) of 19%
  • I have to get the TUV
  • I have to register the car in Germany (get german license plate)
  • Kfz-Steuer - a tax to pay own the car

For what I understood the value-added tax is the only one that is not required if the car travel inside the EU

Does anyone of these points rings a bell to you?
Anything else you have done that you see here missing?

Also, how long did it take for you to import the car? Are those relatively quick documents to do?
Thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

It is just a paper that the manufacturer should give along the other papers that belong to the car when it was sold. For me it was necessary, without it registration would have been impossible.

I used a special car importer, who did the paperwork/sales and arranged transport for the car. Then I picked up the car myself, I did the initial declaration of import online at the importer’s house and then I drove to the inspection center (without plates, I should not have done that…) and started the registration process. I got temporary plates immediately and drove home.

Soon after that I received email where they asked to scan and send the receipts for the payments so they could calculate proper import tax amount. At this point I could have provided other documentation too, such as the Declaration of Conformity paper but I had already provided it at the inspection center since it came with the car.

After that it took about three months to get the car tax amount, just because this particular car was a rare one (only 4 or 5 imported to here before it). 2005 A4 1.8t Quattro manual trans. and non-leather sports interior. It had pretty much everything like I wanted except color. I would have preferred black… but there was not one for sale then. It is not my main vehicle but something that I’ll try to keep forever… :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Very interesting and very helpful! I will research a bit about this Declaration of Conformity and maybe also about car importer. Let’s see how it goes :wink: