Brand new with my Mercedes Sprinter Van for one!

Hi all! I live on Cape Cod and purchased my Sprinter at Thanksgiving. The idea is to take off, tour the wide world of clouds across the country, leaving my empty nest behind for a while. The latest set-back to building the van out is the closest person I found to work with me is now relocating to CA. I’m a wilderness camper and avid bike rider and want to build my van for one. The van seems the perfect match for me to go off for a while, get active with my environmental friends and explore some parts of N. America I haven’t seen yet.


Yourr could try an ad on Craigslist, NextDoor, etc. Lot’s of carpenters out of work right now, or handymen.

Good Luck & Keep us posted!


"Stay home, stay safe, and remember social distancing." ~ Van_Dweller