Bought my First Van a few hours ago. Already have questions

Introduce Yourself…

G’day all.
My name is Fritz. I’m planning a cross-Eurasia trip.
I bought an AWD Transit (former work van), some tools, and am about to start building.

When stripping the walls I ran into these…
A- What are they
B- How do I remove them without breaking anything?

I’m obviously a complete novice, but I’m keen to learn.

Greetings & Welcome!

They look like the equivalent of Rivnuts, a threaded rivet that accepts a bolt.

Generally you don’t want to strip out factory finished floor, walls, or ceiling unless they are unsalvageable. Doing so will cost you extra time & money, for no extra benefit.

It is also debatable whether those are actually holding the paneling on. Normally they use clips that make the panels easily removable. Push on, pull off type.


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