Bonjour from Montréal!

Hi everyone!

I am a newbee in vanlife. I actually own a pick-up and trailer for camping. I plan on changing for vanlife style equipment for retirement ( in 18 months).
I join the forum in order to benefit from others experiences, and learn on the subject, and at the same time, practice my english…:upside_down_face:

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Greetings & Welcome!

Your English looks better than many. Kudo’s. :smiley:

A small Class C RV can be move in ready, and fit in a normal parking space. Older, much more reliable ones can also often be found pretty cheap and with low miles.


"Stealth is an obvious camper, not a creepy cargo van!" ~ Better Choices

Bienvenue Gilles!
Je suis de Saint-Jerome, I’m in the process to convert my van. Next July will the be start of full time vanlife! :grin: