Big chillin from the midwest

I am a young van dweller and I have a converted Ford e250 (2013). They’re under renovations right now. The last round of changes I think I will need before transitioning to full time nomadic living!

I am a campground hopping snowbird. My van life philosophy is one of frugality and freedom. I strive to achieve the cheapest life possible, while still enjoying my hobbies and pursuing my interests.

I look forward to chatting with y’all :grin:

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Sounds good!

Just don’t forget work… Immediately is the best time to start building your financial future. Done right, within a few short years, you could retire and never have to worry about jobs or work again for the rest of your life.


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller


Very true! I ain’t ever gonna work the kind of job that will provide a retirement and this country (US of A) gives less of a crap about its people with each day so I figured I had to make it my own self. I’m putting 40% of my income into stocks for these reasons. I’m still young so I can take all the safe bets and sure things without a worry. The cheaper I live the more I can put into the money machine and the earlier I can stop working for the man.

Skud - I am converting a 2013 e350 ford van. I am not quite nomadic yet. I have a job that keeps me stationary for 9mos of the year. Just started working on a small trailer.

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This van has served me very well I’ll think you will enjoy it!

I lucked out with my work. I am able to do it remotely, hope you get something worked out :grin:

Welcome! Nice to meet you! There are excellent stories in Blogs on different ways folks make a living!
Also Courses dedicated to it!
I too enjoy the freedoms that come with VanLife :smiley:
Good luck!

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