Bicycle storage

At the moment I’m on a self supported bicycle tour from Brazil to Canada, and on completion intend living in a campervan in England (I don’t currently own a campervan). Does anyone have ideas or photos for a safe, storage solution for my bicycle? Preferably inside the van.


I’d just leave room right inside the back doors.


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Most of the campervans I’ve seen with people who bring bicycles, they tend to have a “garage” for storing them. Some have slide out racks but some don’t.

Other people will give up space in the living area to store them.

Some still put them on bike racks on the front or back bumper (or even mopeds or motorcycles) but I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that. Then again, I’m not a bicycle person!

If you go to YouTube and type “Van Life bike storage,” you’ll find quite a lot of videos on the subject.

Thanks for the feedback. Some simple, but very effective solutions here. I’ve seen people with bike and motorcycles on the front and back bumper, but would also be uncomfortable leaving my bike there