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Hay everyone,

Happy to join this group and meet all of friends here. I’m thinking about starting off my vanlife or roadtrip recently, and my families are considering to prepare a nice dash cam for my Landrover trip, but I have no idea of choosing which one is possible. Maybe I can seek solutions here.

Welcome any interested family connect with me, I’m soo excited! And thank you for all the read, hope you can have nice day!


Greetings & Welcome!

Dash cams aren’t my area of expertise, but lots of knowledgeable people here.


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Depending on your budget and how much information you want from your dash cam is probably the biggest factor in choosing what type of camera to get.

Most cameras don’t deal with reading text and license plates well unless you buy one of the really high end ones, and night vision is the same.

The main benefit of the cameras is more of a fact that if you get into a wreck, the camera will show your driving and the motion of your car if the other person in the crash tries to pin the blame on you even if they hit you from behind.

Thanks for your kind suggestion. I’m gonna keep looking for it!

I’m pretty happy with my Wolfbox dash cam. It was relatively easy to install (I did need to order an extension cord to mount the rear camera). The monitor mounts over the rear view mirror and offers wide, crisp views of the back and the front either by themselves or split screen. It uses a micro SD card to record and has a shock sensor so if it experiences a jolt (fender bender or worse) it records and locks that footage so it won’t be overwritten.

Oh, sounds great.

Actually I’m hesitating between Restiger dash cam and Rexing dash cam, they all seems nice for me. My friends bought one from Redtiger F7N. The clarity of videos and the easy use of functions, and ease to upload videos and snapshots to the app and phone to share or watch. They recommended strongly for this medium priced range dash cam since I do not have much budget to buy a expensive one… lol. Thanks though, I will keep searching.

Bewbies should always get a warm welcome.