Best Used Minivan for Camper Conversion

I’m in the market for a used minivan to turn into a minicamper. I’d like to spend under $10,000 on the vehicle. It seems like the Toyota Sienna is the most popular, with Honda Odyssey coming in 2nd for microcampers. Wondering what the downsides are to the Odyssey over the Sienna, and if they’re worth the extra money one would pay for the Odyssey. Particularly curious about size/space in the Odyssey vs. the Sienna


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While the Toyota’s are supposed to be super reliable, my vote goes for a Dodge Caravan, because they’re cheaper & roomier. They’re relatively reliable, and cheap to fix.

With a careful & proper layout, you can live in one comfortably with full amenities including a toilet, shower, kitchen, 24/7 climate control, and efficient power systems.

I recently lead the conversion of one that cost the fellow $1500. The total conversion cost $400, sleeps 2, and has all the desired amenities. It was what some would consider a no build build. Everything is modular and easily movable/removable. It did not have the Stow-N-Go seat, so the rear seats needed to be removed, but no other permanent modifications were made to the van.

Both husband & wife live in and work online from the van, while traveling the country sight seeing.

This lifestyle doesn’t require a huge budget to get started, and I’m a firm believer that the cost savings should start from the very beginning.

Another option is older, dirt cheap, mechanically sound, move-in ready motorhomes. Gas mileage will be lower, but the added space can make them much more comfortable. With patience, really nice, road ready & move-in ready ones can be found for under $2500.


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Hi, I’m brand new to this forum and looking for info. I’m interested in what you say about the Caravan conversion. I’m doing some research for my son — he’s looking to get a vehicle that could double as an occasional sleeping space. He’s currently in a long term educational program that will involve occasional overnight travel plus fairly frequent long shifts where it would be advantageous to have somewhere to sleep/nap. He would still be living in his student accommodations most of the time. Do you have any links to the type of minivan conversion you mentioned? Seems like that might be an interesting option. Thanks :slight_smile:

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If you google “minivan conversion” you’ll find pictures, video’s, how-to’s, & more.


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I’ve owned a Vanagon and was really impressed with it. The water cooled are (imo) the way to go.