Best state to buy used class b?


I’m looking to buy a used class b or van. I’m open to looking in different states to find one in good shape and at a good price.

Are there particular states where I should focus my search? Are there areas of the US known to have vehicles with less rust, etc?

In terms of rust, Southwestern US. Be sure what you’re looking at didn’t come from the rust belt (check the title history). There may be good deals in here in New Mexico, Arizona, or west Texas. You may also check Southern California, but I don’t know the market there as much.

Places with high humidity and close to the ocean, not necessarily snow country, can also be hard on vehicles.

We get snow here in New Mexico and they salt the roads (Albuquerque is a mile above sea level), but it’s so dry that rust isn’t much of an issue. Dry climate is what you want, but in places where it’s too hot like southern Arizona the interior, wiring, and anything made of rubber or plastic might be shot because of the excessive heat.

You want dry climate, but not too hot.

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Thank you. You make sense with the suggestions and why you suggested them!