Best Roof Fan/Vent? One Fan or Two?

When looking at roof fans/vents, why did you choose the one you did? What has your experience been with one or multiple fans?

I know some people choose to ventilate by other means. For those of you who do have a fan, I’m interested to know what brand you have and if it has served you well.


Personally I prefer opening windows and a cheap 12v fan.


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“Best” usually boils down to personal preference due to features and experience. But, when you have neither, you can only go by the opinions of other people and look for those who are the most neutral in their comparisons.

Personally, I like the MaxxAir Fan better simply for the fact that it has a rain guard that allows you to use it while it’s raining. The Fantastic Fan automatically closes when it rains. Air flow is a major factor for me and I like the idea of having a rooftop fan to blow the hot air up and out instead of just swirling it around from side to side.

As for having one or two, it depends on what you want out of it. From my understanding, the reason many people have two is to have one over the bed and one over the cooking area. Even as fussy as I am about air flow, as long as you have side windows that can open, and another fan inside the van, I don’t see the ‘need’ for having two. I’m nervous enough about cutting one hole in a van roof! But, if you don’t have windows in your van, or windows that don’t open, then I’m in the camp of getting two of them.

Maxxair. If you have enough opening windows 1 may suffice. I have one. I also have a t vent window at kitchen area and flares w sliding window on both passenger and driver sides. I need a lot of ventilation so I also have a 12v marine fan and other 12v fans for floor level due to pets.

One interesting characteristic The built-in thermostat is one of the features of the Maxxair fan that I haven’t seen in other fan models. This thermostat activates the fan when the RV temperature rises too high for comfort. It’s a good feature to have because you don’t have to leave the fan on all the time.

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Does anyone know an option for a zero-noise fanning? I can’t hear fans. :frowning: